Small Steps Are Giant Leaps
APRIL: "Small Steps Are Giant Leaps" by Aaron Sheldon

On display for the month of April.

Gallery Opening | April 1
6PM member preview
7PM Public Reception

Closing Reception | April 29th at 4PM

Aaron Sheldon came to us last year to ask if he could take a photo at WAKE & SHAKE and promote his kickstarter. One year later, we're excited to host Aaron's first gallery show, "Small Steps Are Giant Leaps."

Artist Statement:

The idea of "Small Steps Are Giant Leaps" came to me while I was riding the bus with my four year old son.  What was a normal, everyday event to me had him completely transfixed.  Seeing that look of amaze-ment on his face at something so commonplace really struck me. In that moment I realized that my son is an explorer, and the world that I take for granted, to him, is an amazing place filled with new sites and experiences. I knew then that I wanted to somehow document his journey of exploration.

Later that same week, Harrison needed to go to the doctor's office.  Unlike most four-year-olds, my son loves the doctor's office - every part that is, except for the exam table.  As we sat waiting for the doctor, I asked my son if he would sit on the exam table. Of course his answer was no.  So then I asked him what type of people were brave enough to sit on exam tables. He said "What about astronauts, Dad.  Are they brave enough?”  I said "Sure they are. After all, they sit on top of rockets and get blasted into space and, before they do that, they have to go to the doctor's office A LOT!".  We pretended that he was an astronaut, and he sat on the exam table with no problem.   When his exam was over, I told him how proud I was of him for being brave like an astronaut.  He said to me "Next time I get sick, I can wear my astronaut helmet here and you can take a picture of me, right dad?".   At that moment, the final piece of the project came into place, all thanks to my amazing little astronaut.
Fifteen months, three spacesuits, two helmets, and more than 50 photoshoots later, I am so proud of my little astronaut. He really enjoyed working with me on the project, and we’ve used it to help him get over his fear of hand-dryers, exam tables, and hair clippers. We have shot everywhere from the museum to the city pool  and have traveled from  dusty country roads to Kennedy Space Center in Florida and Washington, DC. We have had great local companies allow us access to movie theaters, old-school barber shops, $600 a night hotel rooms, and, back where it all began, the city bus.
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Flagging tape, chicken wire, light

The Wild Goose Creative Board of Directors purchased White Bloom Bloom in May of 2015 during the #wildartcolumbus Live Auction.

Designed and installed by Dana Lynn Harper.

Dana Lynn Harper is currently based in Columbus, OH. Her practice ranges from large installations to small paintings and sculptures. Harper is inspired by natural formations, from large landscapes to infinitesimal plankton and pollen. Using overpowering color, inviting textures and an overall multi-sensory experience, the works act as a portal to warm feelings and childhood fantasy, a social catalyst for interaction and connection. Playful patterns, dancing tinsel and unapologetic fluorescent colors are not only a testament to the beauty of life, but to the ever-encompassing joy of living. In 2014, Harper was the recipient of The ArtFile Emerging Artist Grant as well as an ArtPrize Artist Seed Grant.  Last year at The Ohio State Fair’s Fine Art Exhibition, she received Best in Show as well as The People’s Choice Award.  She has been an artist and residence at BUNKERprojects in Pittsburgh, PA as well as Second Sight Studio in Columbus, OH.

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