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Anyone can be a patron.

As a nonprofit arts organization, we are able to do what we do because of generous ongoing or one-time donations. Monthly donations of $5 or more will qualify you for membership.

By giving to Wild Goose Creative, you will:

  • Subsidize the creation of art. People who use our space to make art pay less than those who don’t.
  • Pay artists to create. 25% of money coming through Wild Goose Creative goes directly to Central Ohio artists.
  • Help get creative ideas off the ground. Ideas begin at Wild Goose Creative. Speakeasy, Pinchflat, #wildartcolumbus, Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse, the Columbus Comedy Festival, and the Columbus Improv Festival are just a few programs that got started at Wild Goose Creative.
  • Help artists get their start. More than 90% of artists showing in our gallery are exhibiting solo shows for the first time.
  • Be part of the art. Your financial gift will accelerate an already vibrant arts scene in Central Ohio.
  • Help us financially. Wild Goose Creative needs financial support to cover the rent, pay our staff, and cover day-to-day expenses.

Member Benefits

All Wild Goose Creative Members receive free entrance to a monthly Membership Benefit Event and get invited to a special preview for every gallery show. Here's a sneak peek of what's to come. (And more benefits are below.)

Too Many Cooks | monthly
Civilization Youth Open Mic Night | first Friday of each month
Sassy Do Improv | monthly
Wake & Shake  | quarterly
Speakeasy | first Thursday of each month
Stand Up for StandUp | fourth Monday of each month
Best of the Underground | third Friday of each month
The Columbus Queer Open Mic | third Thursday of each month
Figure Drawing| first and third Wednesday of each month
See You Thursday Improv | third Monday of each month
Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse | quarterly

Members of Wild Goose Creative. Patrons who give $5 or more monthly automatically become members of Wild Goose Creative. Members benefits are below:

Become an essential part of the Wild Goose Creative story. Our members are the community that gives us the momentum to keep creating.

See Art First. Wild Goose Creative Members get invited to a private preview of every gallery show.

Get thanked. Our members are listed on our website and (if you’re game) thanked on social media.

Be in the know. Our members receive a monthly newsletter and are the first to know about what’s going on at Wild Goose Creative.

Receive a monthly benefit. Each month, members receive complimentary admission to one arts event chosen by Wild Goose Creative.